Social Media – Are we now the “Media”?

Reading up on the increasing number of instances in social media actions winding up in litigation it has become increasingly clear to me that social media is becoming an earnest battle ground in which every day people are facing the kinds of law suits that used to be the sole domain of traditional media providers (television, radio, newspapers, etc) and celebrities.

Here is a lawyers take on the role of litigation in social media:

In fact the role of litigation in social media disputes is so common that there is now a plethora of articles and videos covering: how to develop a social media policy, to how to protect yourself from litigation when engaging in social media.

In essence it appears to be the case that those of us who engage in social media are now held to the same standards of accountability as the traditional media providers. A status update is no longer a word amongst friends, it can be shared, it can go viral, those offended can probably track you down. Essentially we can be held accountable for everything we say.

So is it appropriate that Joe Blogs be made to account for whingeing to his friends on Facebook about his terrible boss? Shouldn’t a distinction be made between close knit social network in which people should be allowed to say exactly the kinds of things we are used to saying around a barbecue? Don’t we have the right to make a complaint without being fired for it?

Your opinions are valued (oh and I won’t prosecute 🙂

Please feel free to share your thoughts and any additional information on this topic.


2 thoughts on “Social Media – Are we now the “Media”?

  1. xavier1610

    Interesting you say that, because sometimes what is said online outside of working hours becomes particularly grey as we as individuals should still have freedom of speech. That being said companies still need to be able to protect themselves from any slander or defamation. It would be great if you could list any companies or examples of any big cases that have had severe consequences. 🙂 pop by my blog and say hi when you can

    1. adenjones Post author

      A good point about including links to examples of cases. I have just been assuming that everyone that reads my blog has read the blogs of fellow students.
      So here’s a few from fellow students:
      And here’s some others:



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