Do we really need another social network?

This isn’t one of the required activities for our beloved INB346 but, scrounging through the net after reading Jason’s blog entry on the risks faced by Microsoft in regards to their social media profile, I came across, yes you guessed it, yet another new Social Media platform.

Go to and you will find that Microsoft have entered themselves into the Social Media market. You can read more about it on .

Is the market already saturated?

Now I’ve been with Google’s Gmail since it started but I can’t say that I have ever used Google+. It seems to me that the whole point to wide based social communities (FaceBook in particular) is that almost everyone uses the same one. So I wonder, what is the point in making new ones that don’t actually cater to an audience that hasn’t already been captured by an existing Social Media application? Here’s an exhaustive list .

Your opinions are valued

So I want to open this subject up to everyone. Please respond with your opinion on the current level of Social Media market saturation and on whether or not you think there is any market share left for new arrivals. Or maybe just respond with a list of Social Media platforms that you use personally.

Blogs I visit frequently

Apologies to other classmates who no doubt have wonderful Blogs that I simply don’t have the time to visit frequently. My finally message below sums up why.

And finally



3 thoughts on “Do we really need another social network?

  1. djcoonan

    Haha, yes…that notorious fourth option of Skyrim. But let’s look at the blog’s true purpose now. Social media creates an environment for people to share out with each other on things they feel are important. Opinions, clothes, food, games and funny pictures of cats all end up on Facebook and Twitter. We end up creating a digital profile of ourselves with these posts and inadvertently create a different online persona of our physical selves.

    Do we need more social media tools? My opinion (and its questionable worth) would be yes. While I’m still learning the ways of social media and its integration into Enterprise/Web 2.0, I would base everything upon the need to evolve our current tools. I started on MySpace (the shame!) and moved to Facebook shortly after as I was tired of the clutter and layouts of each page. Facebook provided much more information by toning down the onslaught of condensed information and providing brief, but more frequent, posts.

    What I’m saying is that each time a new iteration of a similar idea comes out, new ideas are added, which we can then accept or reject. While we may not like all of it, we can enhance our current tools with ideas from previous platforms that didn’t quite make it. Eventually, we’ll hit something that beats Facebook, Twitter and other tools.

    We should never stop progress.

  2. adenjones Post author

    Thanks for joining the conversation 🙂 You make a very valid point. It could even be said that I asked the question “Will we ever need a new car after the creation of the Rolls Royce Phantom?”. Let the Social Media Platform wars begin …

  3. djcoonan

    It’s a shame we can’t all drive Phantoms. I for one am stuck with an economic, non-luxury car with very few trimmings. Do I complain? Not really. Another point of view you could take would be very much in line with a willingness for us to change. We are creatures of habit, we use Facebook because we have hundreds of friends on it. We don’t use Google+ because we have all our friends on Facebook. I already have a car, why bother buying a new one when I know my current one works?
    Then again, variety is the spice of life.


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